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Intercom Systems


Intercoms provide communication between different areas of your home or office and form an important part of any security systems. Intercoms can be installed internally as well as externally.

J Tech security can provide any intercoms system that you require to address your needs.

Phone Entry Intercoms

Phone entry intercoms can connect directly to a landline or cellphone, allowing residents to screen prospective visitors from outside of the property. Residents are called directly, allowing them to let guest or contractors in to their property, even from a remote location. Phone entry Intercoms offer lower costs, convenience and privacy, as the dialed number remains unrevealed.

Audio Video Intercoms

Audio video intercoms can be used externally or internally. These intercoms have clear image and sound. The advantage of this system is that it allows the user to not only hear the potential visitor, but also allows the user to see an image of who is at the gate. This creates greater security and peace of mind.

J Tech Security makes use of various types of intercom systems, which allows us to give you the best systems for your needs.

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